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Creating an Income

For those interested in creating a regular income from their investment, this is not only possible by using a proven betting strategy, it is actually much more efficient than with the low interest rates achieved with other mainstream forms of investment. However, compounding will still be a necessary step towards creating your second income, at least at first.



For example, lets say you want to make an extra £1000 a month on top of your salary.



This is perfectly achievable, however it depends on the monthly return on investment as to how great your investment bank needs to grow first to achieve this.


At an average of say 10% return on investment per month, you would need a betting bank of £10,000 to achieve an average of £1000 income per month. Now not many people simply have £10,000 lying around for investment. It will therefore be necessary to build your betting bank first using compounding until it has grown enough to earn your target monthly amount. This may take some time depending on the amount of your initial investment, but will be well worth the effort in the long run.



For those of you who look at the figure 10% a month return on investment and say it is unrealistic, think again. With proven betting strategies such as those available on this website, the average return per month is actually higher than this - view our services here.



Another important aspect to mention is the fact that profits are not guaranteed month in, month out. 



This means that even once your bank has grown to your target amount this does not mean you can sit back and expect to withdraw your £1000 every single month. All betting products on the market have losing months; it is inevitable.


However with patience, we will be able to withdraw profits periodically to use as a second income. Personally, I withdraw earnings from my own portfolio on a quarterly basis.